In violation to Sochi Agreement, 18 attacks hit Hama Countryside between 16 and 23 October

 The Regime forces continue to violate Sochi agreement[1], by shelling Hama’s countryside leaving civilian causalities.

As 2 children and a young man were injured in targeting Zayzoun and Al-Zyara villages by the Syrian Army stationed in Joreen camp on Oct. 20, according to Mohammed Howish, a local activist and the head of Hama Media Office.

Agricultural lands around Atshan village and Morek town as well as al-Jissat village were attacked by heavy machine guns while Tell al-Sakhr village was shelled by artillery and tanks on Oct.16 and 17.

Heavy machine guns hit also the agricultural lands surrounding al-Lataminah on 18, 19, 20 and 23 Oct. while they hit al-Arbaeen and Beit Jisr al-Ras villages on 18 and Tell al-Sakhr village on 19 as well as al-Hawash village on 21 and al-Sirmaniyah village on 22.

While mortars struck the agricultural lands surrounding al-Lataminah on Oct. 21 and al-Sirmaniyah village on 22.

The latest bombardment of agricultural lands caused no fires or injuries, unlike the one occurred during the harvest time when the regime forces attacked pistachios and wheat harvesters.

STJ reported similar attacks on Hama after agreeing on de-militarized zone there.[2]


[2] "Regime forces Shell Hama Countryside after a de-militarized Zone Agreement", STJ, Sep. 20, 2018, 774 en/view/

"Hama’s Northern Countryside Still under Attack despite the Russian-Turkish Agreement on a Buffer Zone", STJ, Oct. 2, 2018.

Hama Break the truce

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