Preface: At least forty-three people killed and more than 50 others injured, following the bombardment on a popular market which is usually populated by civilians in the city of Harem[1] located in Idlib countryside on March 22, 2018. According to numerous testimonies obtained by STJ, warplanes, believed to be Russian, carried out several raids on the popular market and the adjacent neighbourhoods, where they dropped a number of highly explosive rockets, causing the death and injury of many civilians, including women and children, as well as significant material damage.
Introduction: At least 20 civilians[1], mostly children and women, were killed after an attack on a shelter crowded with civilians in Kafr Battikh[2] town, Idlib countryside, on March 21, 2018. According to several residents and eyewitnesses, warplanes believed to be Russian, carried out several airstrikes on the town, two of them targeted a shelter with highly explosive rockets, killing 16 children, and the majority of them were schoolchildren under 10 years old who had sought refuge in that shelter immediately after the town was subjected to several airstrikes.
Introduction: Since the onset of the heaviest military campaign launched by the Syrian regular forces and its Russian allies on eastern Ghouta on February 18, 2018, many civilians were forced to take refuge inside basements or holes that dug by primitive means, thinking that they would be a safe haven from death. Nonetheless, the violent bombardment by the Syrian regime and their allies was able to reach beneath the ground, changed lives of many civilians to inferno, and demolished a number of shelters above heads of those inside. On March 19, 2018, a shelter in...